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The Cathedral Connection 9 December 2018

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Farewell From Our Parish School

On Tuesday the students and staff of Sacred Heart Cathedral School will gather to celebrate Eucharist and mark the end of their school year. They will also acknowledge and farewell Fr James who has spent many hours in the past 11 years walking alongside, ministering to, and supporting its students, families and teaching staff.  Below are just a few sentiments written by some Year 8 students who are also beginning a new chapter in their life journey.

“Whenever I go to Mass on a Sunday I always feel that the message Father James is giving is directed at me and helping me become a better person. Thank you Father James for helping me to think deeply and reflect about myself.”  – Annabelle Stirling

“Even though Father James is incredibly busy, visiting our school and people in the Parish he always has time to stop and listen to the students. Thank you Father James for the care and compassion you show towards us.”  – Sam Wells

“Father James spends a lot of time at Sacred Heart Cathedral School. He visits classes each week. He shares readings and prayers with us and helps us to understand the meaning so we can all become better people. Thank you Father James for always sharing your stories and jokes with us.” –  Elizabeth Whitaker.

“Father James shares personal stories to get his message across. Thank you Father James for encouraging us all to have faith during difficult times.” – Luc Boeschenstein

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The Cathedral Connection 8 July 2018

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Eternal Father, Strong to Save

Today is Sea Sunday, when the Church remembers seafarers. Seafarers are often away from their families for months at a time. They work long hours and navigate the world’s most treacherous stretches of ocean. Their lives are tough, hazardous and lonely.  In many ways, seafarers are on the peripheries of society. Eternal Father, Strong to Save, William Whiting’s famous hymn  resonates with restless waves, dark waters and angry tumult. Standing behind the rage, however, is a God who shields His children from harm and, instead of wild confusion, brings peace.

Peace, of course, is inclusive and brings people from the peripheries. God as the bringer of peace is an image well known to us from scripture. This year our parish retreat afternoon on Sunday 22nd July is entitled Give me your hand . Fr. Jim Dooley s.m. will lead us in a time of personal prayer and reflection on Jesus’ invitation to Thomas the Apostle to be reconciled with the disciples. Thomas had been separated from the disciples after Jesus had risen from the dead. Jesus invites Thomas ‘Give me your hand, put it into my side’.

Today, we pray for those in our congregation and pupils from Sacred Heart Cathedral School who will receive their own peace in the form of the sacrament of confirmation. The sacrament will be received at St. Teresa’s, Karori. Confirmation confirms our baptism and inclusion in the family of God. It confirms that we are no longer on the peripheries and are reconciled with Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

Nicholas Burley
Chair, Parish Pastoral Council

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