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Combined Cathedral Choir and Boys’ Choir

Choral music has been integral to worship at the Cathedral since the 1880’s (some 130 years). There has been a mix of single sex and mixed junior, youth and adult choirs performing music to a high standard, enhancing the spiritual aspect of worship, and upholding the Catholic music tradition.


The Cathedral Choir
This choir is made up of a dedicated group of singers consisting of university aged singers through to young professionals.  The choir comprises of a core group of 15 singers who sing sings at the 10:30am Choral Mass on Sundays, and on all the major feasts and Holy Days as well as giving regular concerts both in the Cathedral and within the Diocese.  The choir sings an exciting and challenging wide repertoire, encompassing the full range of Roman Catholic music from Gregorian chant to Byrd, Palestrina, Tallis through to Macmillan, Gjeilo and Whitacre. The choir is made up of many different religions and agnostics alike who join together for the love of making superb music within the context of the litugry. There is no requisite religious affiliation required.

Boys’ Choir
The Boys’ Choir is made up of up to 20 boys from around the Wellington region. Over their time in the choir, boys learn sound vocal technique, music theory, life-skills, teamwork, as well as grow in confidence and discipline. Teachers and parents see the boys’ language skills, reading comprehension skills, maths skills and confidence improve greatly by being a part of the choir. The life of chorister provides the ability to develop spiritual, as well as musical, intellectual and personal gifts.

The boys attend an afternoon rehearsal each Thursday from 4:00pm-5:30pm during term time and sing at Choral Mass at 10:30am every second Sunday of the month during term time as well as at other concerts and services.

If you are interested in more information about either choir, or in joining please contact Michael Fletcher, Director of Music.

Choral Scholarships
Each year the Metropolitan Cathedral has  scholarships available for students studying at a tertiary and secondary level. While the majority of our tertiary applicants come from the New Zealand School of Music there is no prerequisite to study music.

If you are interested in more information about the choral scholarships, please contact Michael Fletcher, Director of Music.