Local Charities

Can you help?

Foodbank Donations – foodbanks are facing increasing demand for their services, but it is not possible to make donations of food. Donations of money are urgently needed, and if you are able and willing to support local foodbanks such as St Vincent de Paul Wellington and the Wellington City Mission, you are invited to make a donation online.  Details on how to donate are available at https://www.foodbank.co.nz/donate.

Need Help – Offer Help’ – A COVID-19 Response: Contact details for groups within the Archdiocese of Wellington who are meeting needs and offering social services to support wellbeing during the lockdown is available on the Archdiocese of Wellington website page “Need help, offer help”:  https://www.wn.catholic.org.nz/adw_community/need-help-offer-help/ This webpage also includes details of how people can contribute, which is primarily through financial donations at this time, when goods are unable to be offered. Catholic social services (04-385-8642) social workers can also assist in connecting people to appropriate services.