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With all NZ Catholic Mass services suspended to help fight the Covid-19 pandemic, our New Zealand dioceses are moving to provide live streaming of Sunday and weekday Masses. Following the example of Pope Francis, the first of these are this weekend. Click on the links provided:

Saturday 21 March, 6pm with Bishop Pat Dunn in Auckland (screenshot from the Mass; scroll down the page you go to):

Sunday 22 March 9am with Bishop Steve Lowe in Hamilton:

Sunday 22 March 10am Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, Palmerston North:

Sunday 22 March 10am with Bishop Paul Martin in Christchurch:…

Sunday 22 March 10am with Fr Michael McCabe from Our Lady of Kapiti Parish – Wellington Archdiocese.

The National Liturgy Office website is updating this link with more details for this weekend:…/media-releases/celebrate-mass-online/