Anointing of the Sick

Until the 1970s this Sacrament was known as EXTREME UNCTION and associated almost exclusively with the Last Rites.  The reforms prompted by the Second Vatican Council (1962-65) shifted the emphasis to the pastoral care of the infirm and aged, and today the “Anointing of the Sick” is regularly celebrated in parishes, hospitals, hospices and rest homes.

The “Oil of the Sick” is consecrated by the bishop during the annual Holy Week Chrism Mass, along with the oils for priesthood and baptism.  To highlight the community’s part in the delivery of pastoral care and sacra mental life, the bishop entrusts these oils to lay representatives by the bishop to be presented to each parish/chaplaincy at the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday.

The Sacrament of Anointing should be re quested for or by anyone anticipating surgery, the seriously ill or senior citizens.  Some parishes have monthly services for this.

Is there anyone sick among you?  Send for the presbyters of the Church and let them pray over the sick person, anointing with oil in the name of the Lord… [James 5: 14-15]

Please contact the Parish Office or contact the Parish Priest for further information.

“By the sacred anointing of the sick and the prayer of the priests the whole Church commends those who are ill to the suffering and glorified Lord, that he may raise them up and save them. and indeed she exhorts them to contribute to the good of the People of God by freely uniting themselves to the Passion and death of Christ.” Catechism of the Catholic Church, Paragraph 1499