The Cathedral Connection 29 September 2019

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Seeing what is all around us

Music, poetry, sculpture, painting – the diverse range of the arts gives us a glimpse of the vision and imagination of the artist. They often see a fuller reality that is already present in the ordinary, and through their work they allow us to share in that hidden truth – to see ‘the full picture’. From Shakespeare to David Bowie, from painting to Christmas carol, the story of Dives and Lazarus has inspired artists throughout the ages, and in turn provided a transfigurative experience for those viewing and experiencing their work.

Today’s parable draws some clear links to the story of the Transfiguration, and both point to resurrection and the coming of God’s kingdom, and also to the power and importance of listening. But how do we listen to the voice of God in such a way that we distil and purify our own vision of life, that then leads us to transfigured action that imitates Christ’s own self-giving love?

The ‘aha’ moment is perhaps that the gospel reading today isn’t about earning or relinquishing an eternal reward; rather it’s about the character and quality of our life right now. We need to take this invitation to live a fuller, more meaningful life by sharing ourselves with one another. For we are all one; we are all members of the race which God has personally joined. We need to open the gifts we have received and live with gratefulness.

So, go in to the world with hope, joy and most certainly with the transfiguring power of Christ’s love to be His voice and hands and feet, and to be artists in the world, transfiguring the ordinary, into a new creation.

Michael Fletcher
Cathedral Director of  Music

The full newsletter can be viewed here.