The Cathedral Connection 4 August 2019

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Thank You!

Thanks to all who attended the consultation meetings last week. The combined attendance was about 45 people, and the discussion was lively and even entertaining. We will put out a fuller summary soon. Some points seemed to attract a lot of interest. One was the desirability of making the piazza a greener space, and enhancing the potential of that area and the courtyard for meditation and relaxation. Several people spoke of the importance of opportunities for deepening our knowledge of the Bible.

Many agreed that what brings us together, apart from our common faith, is the importance of working together and caring for each other.  There were also questions about whether we do that as well as we could.  Similarly, several people thought communication could be improved. Of course, too, everyone is keen to get back into the Cathedral – there is an update inside this newsletter – and there were suggestions about a big re-opening event, including inviting the Pope.

In the next few weeks representatives of the Parish Council and Finance Committee will work on developing these insights, and the earlier surveys, into a draft parish response to Cardinal John. We expect to make that available for feedback, and in the meantime if anyone would like to offer their thoughts on the consultation questions, please get them into the parish office by 12 August. The questions can be found on the parish website in the newsletter of 21 July.

The best feature of the discussion, I thought, was that everyone spoke honestly and listened respectfully.  Perhaps, in a world where sometimes it seems that shouting and putting people down prevails, we might be a model of dialogue and encounter — in our parish community and everywhere we go.

Jim McAloon, Chair, Parish Pastoral Council

The full newsletter can be viewed here