The Cathedral Connection 23 June 2019

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First Communion Day

I am sure we all remember our First Communion Day. I remember it in a way different to most. I woke up, rushed into mum and dad’s bedroom, only to find dad alone in the bed. ‘Where’s mum?’ I asked. Unknown to me, it had been a busy night in the Bennett household. My mother had gone to the hospital during the night and, wow, I had a baby sister, Kathryn, born just a few hours earlier! My father, not a Catholic at that stage, took over the mothership, got me dressed in new clothes, and took my brother and myself to Mass, and my First Communion.

The rest is a bit of a blur. But I do remember receiving the host on my tongue at the altar rail. Of course, I did not realize the full significance of that central moment, around which all else was periphery.

There was another memory of that day. During the Communion breakfast, an auntie bent over me and encouraged me to eat up. Many years later, I found out that she was a rather poor person, and used to have fish and chips for lunch, and save some for her evening meal. Yet here she was encouraging me to ‘eat up!’

Memories, memories. Our faith is full of memories. Today we celebrate many of our younger parishioners making their First Communion. Like me, they will not completely understand this moment. But we do hope they remember it. We pray that they will come to understand it more and more.  That the Eucharist will always be ‘food for the journey’ and
a meal that they cannot stay away from.

Fr Ron
Moderator, Cathedral Parish.

The full newsletter can be viewed here.