The Cathedral Connection 16 June 2019

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Who do you need to grow?

From the very beginning of our life we need others. Our parents, grand parents, caregivers, friends, family and strangers all touch our lives. With love as their guide these communities or relationships provide not only a warm embrace of love, safety and value, but they also encourage separateness, and it is in this separateness that we are enabled to learn, to take risks, to both grow and develop. Indeed, many of the tasks of human and spiritual maturity involve others acting as a mirror reflecting us back to ourselves as we truly are, not just as we would like to see ourselves.

Today we celebrate the inter-dependence of the Trinity of persons defined as love; revealed as One God, home to three distinct persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. United but distinct. While we realise that this is a paradox of unity amidst diversity, we realise this mystery is at the heart of our faith and the centre point of all love. It is not something we can understand with our minds, but like most things relating to faith and love we can only understand and experience with our hearts.

So, let us go out and actively experience this love, growing relationships and community that are truly life giving and in so doing may we be drawn deeper into that unity and diversity which is at the very heart of the mystery of the Holy and undivided Trinity.

Michael Fletcher
Cathedral Director of Music

The full newsletter can be viewed here.