The Cathedral Connection 26 May 2019

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The Gift of Peace

In the Gospel this Sunday Jesus knows and is aware of the deep anxiety of his disciples as they face the reality of his leaving them. They are who they are because of him. Without him who will they be? Jesus carefully prepares them for his departure. Before he returns to the father, he councils his disciples not to be afraid because go he must. He leaves them with his word, his peace and the promise of the Holy Spirit who will help them in the future to be the wonderful apostles they will become.

We too are not alone nor helpless. As Denis McBride writes:

‘We have the word of God and the presence of the Spirit to help us do what the Church must always do: face the real confusion and aim for peace. It will not be until the heavenly Jerusalem that we will know total peace. Meanwhile we face the real world with confidence because of the great gifts in our community: the word of God, the presence of the Spirit, and You who still argue for the freedom of the Gospel.’

May the peace of God be with you always

With every blessing
Fr Doug

The full newsletter can be viewed here.