The Cathedral Connection 3 March 2019

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The Call

 How often do we find ourselves stuck in a state of repetition in our lives? Lost in the noise, haste and desire for things to be there when we want them we find we have lost the time to think, to be creative, and to listen to ourselves and the world around us.

Ash Wednesday and the season it introduces is a call. A call to pause, and to listen, and in that time and space that silence holds find a place where we can truly reflect.

While Ash Wednesday begins our season of Lent it is also the beginning of our own journey with Christ to his death and resurrection. We enter this journey marked outwardly with ash signifying the feeling of what is going on on the inside. We are truly sorry for those things which have kept us apart from God and one another.

So come together this Ash Wednesday, and be united one to another through God’s great love. May it be our resolve and intention to keep this Lent holy, and when we are reminded of the mark of the cross on our foreheads may we remember the first mark of Christ that assured us that we belong to him alone, and to him we will return.

Michael Fletcher
Director of Music

The full newsletter can be viewed here.