The Cathedral Connection 24 February 2019

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‘Love one another as I have loved you’

Our words and actions show who we are. They reflect our beliefs. This week’s Gospel leads us into a personal spiritual reflection on how we share our love and our resources with others; helping us to critique our efforts at being faithful disciples.

Jesus teaches us that love of neighbour and forgiveness of one’s enemies is central to leading ethical lives. HIS commands are clear: Love must replace hatred, blessings should defeat curses, generosity ought to supplant selfishness, and forgiveness must overcome enmity. David in today’s first reading is an example par excellence of one man loving his enemy.

As you reflect on today’s readings you may wish to ponder the following question: ‘is there a contentious relationship in my life where I can follow David’s example and refuse to pick up the spear?’ For just like David and Jesus’ disciples, we too are called to extend mercy in the same manner that the Father does. The Lord is kind and merciful and will shower immeasurable blessings on those who are gracious to others.

‘May you treat each other in the same friendly way Christ has treated you.
May you clothe yourselves in sincere compassion,
kindness and patience.
May the Lord watch over you,
keep you in his care,
and bless you with his peace’.

Flor McCarthy SDB

Debbie Matheson – Lay Pastoral Leader
The full newsletter can be viewed here.