Cardinal John’s Newsletter 21 February 2019

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Kia tau te rangimarie ki a koutou,

Cordiali saluti a tutti voi da Roma

By the time you receive this newsletter from Rome we will be heading into the second day of the meeting with Pope Francis of the Presidents of Bishops Conferences from all over the world. This meeting has been called by the Holy Father to discuss the issue of sexual abuse of minors. The Pope has described this meeting as “coming together in solidarity, humility and penitence to repair the damage done, sharing a common commitment to transparency, and holding everyone in the Church accountable.”

Your prayers for this meeting will be very much appreciated.

Last week I attended the Plenary Meeting of the Congregation for Divine Worship. The theme of this meeting was about the formation of all the baptized in order for everyone to be able to actively participate in the Church’s Liturgy. It is because we are baptized into Church and become one with him that we ALL share in His priesthood. Ordained priests have a particular role to play in Liturgy as they act in the name of Christ the High Priest, but ALL the baptised are called to give glory and praise to God. On one of the mornings last week we met with Pope Francis. Despite the many challenges he faces, he was relaxed, laughing and joking, and at the same time asking for our prayers. When I spoke with him I assured him of the prayerful support of the Catholic people of New Zealand, so please pray for him. Please pray especially for this meeting taking place now as the sexual abuse crisis weighs heavily on his heart, and he is genuinely trying to find a way to address this very difficult issue.

The first three days of this week I have also been at the meeting of the International Commission for English in the Liturgy. This has also been a fruitful and helpful meeting to attend. ICEL, as it is known, also has some major challenges in ensuring that we have the correct translations for our Liturgy and that they are words which speak to the minds and hearts of us all. Please also pray for the ongoing work of ICEL which serves the English-speaking Church so well.

Form Rome, I ask for your prayerful support and assure you that I am also remembering you all in prayer.

With every blessing

Naku noa. Na + Hoane

The full newsletter can be viewed here.