The Cathedral Connection 9 September 2018

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The annual Social Justice Week opens today.  Its theme, “Enabling Communities”, reminds us that everyone has a part to play in making our communities safe, inclusive, fair, welcoming and compassionate. This “Week” was established in 1997 by our New Zealand Bishops to encourage reflection and action on particular current issues in the light of Catholic social teaching.

Promoting this year’s theme, the bishops state, “Each of us, with our unique gifts and challenges, is interdependent.  By becoming involved in each other’s lives by our presence and service, we grow together as the body of Christ. … To be genuinely included is not just to belong, but to be missed when we are not around.  A responsibility rests on us all to encourage and nurture a sense of belonging and acceptance.”

This has special relevance for us since the closure of the cathedral, our worship centre.  In our adequate but less than ideal temporary “shelters”, we need to be alert to assist the elderly and disabled, to enable visitors to appreciate the different surroundings, to be extra welcoming of one another and to make sure no one feels lost or disoriented.  If we each play our part our community will remain strong and focussed.  We will certainly not lose heart.

This local application of the 2018 social justice theme will surely open our eyes to the wider community where safety, inclusiveness, fairness, welcome and compassion are even more desperately needed.

Fr James Lyons

The full newsletter can be viewed here.