The Cathedral Connection 26 August 2018

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Passionist Family Groups

We welcome John and Mary-Ellen Leen to our 5.30pm and 10.30am masses today.

John and Mary-Ellen are the national co-ordinators for Passionist Family Groups. The Passionist Family Group movement aims to build Christian community through the development of extended families.

With loneliness and isolation so prevalent in our society, there is a genuine need for people to know and support each other. Family Groups create an extended family atmosphere within the community and are open to everyone. The focus is on people caring for, loving and accepting each other. The motto is “A Family for all” whether married, single or divorced.

The Passionist Family Group Movement was established in 1972 by Fr Peter McGrath CP at St Anthony in the Fields Catholic Church, Terry Hills, in the northern suburbs of Sydney. Passionist Family Groups have been part of the New Zealand church now for 30 years.

The Cathedral Parish has one group and we are keen to have more. John and Mary-Ellen will be giving a homily with a difference today and will be encouraging you to get involved. Members of our Cathedral group will be happy to sign you up as you leave Mass.

Nicholas Burley and Linda Stocker

The full newsletter can be viewed here.