The Cathedral Connection 12 August 2018

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How many times have we just had enough, just wanted to stay in bed, pull the covers over ourselves and ignore the world and find solace in sleep? I know I have! At this time of disruption and with the absence of our Cathedral I’m sure the thought of ‘it’s all too hard’, and ‘I’ve had enough’ have probably popped in to our heads at some point. Elijah was in a similar position in today’s first reading, he had had enough. Yet still the angel of the Lord twice provided him with food and water, and nourished he continued his journey. Not a short journey either, one that lasted 40 days and nights.

How do we hear that call though? Pope Benedict tells us that the aim of Liturgy is to assist the Word of God to effect greater understanding of the mysteries of our faith. In our Mass we are asked to join in a much greater cosmic liturgy, one not solely based in the self-made world of man. To get there, to bridge the gap between humanity and divinity there is music and silence. Two media that can allow us to experience the mysterium, the essential message which is in itself unutterable and uninterpretable.

So, listen in the silence, through the music, and allow yourself to be drawn closer to God and be fed. Even though our own journey to return to our Cathedral may be a little longer than those 40 days and nights that Elijah experienced. Together, nourished by the bread from heaven let us continue our journey together and walk in love, just as Christ did.

Michael Fletcher
Director of Music.

The full newsletter can be viewed here.