The Cathedral Connection 3 June 2018

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Dinner’s ready! Come to the table! It’s an invitation that may not be heard too often these days with the family rarely together at meal time. Sports, meetings, shift work and overtime, demand individual timetables and the ideal of sitting together for a meal at the family table can remain a dream. It’s something most families would like to do. There is so much to be gained in sharing a meal.

Sitting around a table with others, it’s impossible to focus on myself. I’m pulled into a stream of conversation, passing dishes, asking for the salt, pepper, butter, sauce… There’s listening and talking. Learning, too, as others tell of their experiences or concerns. Laughter rewards a joke or an unintended gaffe. Any argument or rudeness gets a quick There’ll be none of that at this table! from Mum or Dad.

It is around the table that the family becomes truly itself, united in the moment of togetherness and in the memory of what makes this family. Traditions are created and celebrated, spontaneity welcomed and loyalty encouraged. What did you learn today? or What have you got to be thankful for today? can spark a beautiful and memorable passage of chatter and enjoyment. Hurts can be shared, and even healed.

Today’s feast of Corpus Christi highlights the identity of those baptised into the Christian faith. We are the Body of Christ, the People of God, the Church. The various traditions within the Christian family differ in many aspects of belief, but all know the value and importance of the “Gathered Table”.

The Table of the Eucharist is where we find our identity, where we are truly ourselves. This is the Table where what we do in memory of the Lord brings him present among us. He feeds our belonging and unites us more deeply with one another, strengthening us to go out, carrying him to those who have yet to hear clearly the invitation: Come to the table!

Fr James

The full newsletter can be viewed here.