The Cathedral Connection 24 June 2018

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Our parish is one of several inner-city parishes that support the work of Downtown Community Ministry Wellington.

DCM works with homeless people to help them get into houses. Once a person is reduced to living on the street a significant process is required for them to be able to get back into a house, beginning with addressing the reasons they first became homeless. Over the past decade DCM have supported hundreds of people to successfully escape homelessness and enter sustainable housing. DCM provides a range of associated services, such as support in dealing with Work and Income, supportive mental health and addiction services, money management services, medical and dental services, a foodbank, and preparation for work. Overall DCM offer holistic support for people who are disenfranchised in our city.

Our support for DCM is one important way in which we as a parish are able to help those on the peripheries, one of the goals of our recent Archdiocesan Synod. In our urban setting those without a home to live in are one group of the poor to whom Jesus calls us to be responsive to. To paraphrase Jesus “I was homeless and you gave me shelter”. One way to be responsive to those who are homeless today is in supporting the organised groups that provide effective processes and respectful support to address the homelessness of individuals.  In Wellington DCM is the leading group.

DCM Wellington is holding its annual bookfair on Saturday August 4. This is their major fundraiser for the year. On the next two Sundays you are invited to bring any spare books, CDs or DVDs you no longer need that you can donate to the bookfair (see notices inside). Of course, you can also support DCM by going to the bookfair at Shed 6 on Queen’s wharf where there will be thousands of books of every type at very modest prices.

Nick Polaschek

The full newsletter can be viewed here.