The Cathedral Connection 1 July 2018

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When parents seek to enrol their child in a Catholic School, they must provide evidence of baptism. An unbaptised child can be accepted if another family member has been baptised and if enrolment at the school may encourage the other towards baptism. Eight children from our parish school have been working towards this goal and will be baptised and confirmed at our 5.30pm Vigil Mass this weekend. A parent of one of the children will also receive the Sacraments of Initiation.

We should all rejoice at this outcome and be eager to befriend and support the families involved. Faith is a fragile gift and must be tended with great love and care. If our community is to grow and flourish, none of us can be excused from welcoming and nurturing these new ones, born into the family of God. Help them proudly celebrate their new life.

Accompanying this time of “Welcome” is a moment of “Farewell” as I step down from the role of Parish Priest after nearly 11 years among you. On Monday, I have surgery to replace the artificial hip that has served me for the past 16 years and, after recovery, will take up the new role of Priest in Sacramental Ministry. That means I will assist with the celebration of the sacraments, with our Pastoral Leader, Debbie Matheson, overseeing parish life. Fr Ron Bennett of Otari Parish will support Debbie, being present at some of our Sunday Masses. I will formally retire from active, assigned ministry, at the end of this year.

I am extremely grateful for the privilege of leading our parish, and very confident that Debbie’s pastoral sensitivity will continue to mould and build our community through to the appointment of the next Parish Priest.

Fr James

The full newsletter can be viewed here.