Cardinal John’s Newsletter 17 May 2018

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Dear Friends,

Greetings and all good wishes from Portugal. I have been on the road for 11 days now and have arrived at a small town called Mealhada, having now walked 284 kms.
I have been reminded again, as I was reminded when I walked the Camino eight years ago, that many people make pilgrimages and have done so for hundreds of years.
Pilgrimages are traditionally journeys to a holy place — a place where saints have walked, a place where God has met people and blessed them. For Catholics it may be
Jerusalem, Rome, Fatima, Compostella; there are of course also many pilgrimage sites for people of other faiths. People through the ages have journeyed with God
on pilgrimage — to perform a penance, to ask for healing, to pray for places where there is war or national disaster, to pray for friends, or as I am doing to pray for vocations.
Pilgrimages are opportunities to travel lightly, to walk free of daily routines, to meet people, to make friends, to enjoy and celebrate God’s creation. An opportunity, too, in the
travelling, the conversations and the silences to reflect on the journey of our lives and on our journey homewards to God. This is proving to be a kind of retreat for me, and I
am getting good exercise at the same time; it is wonderfully relaxing spiritually rewarding.

I have a number of prayers I pray each day, and many things I am recording in my Prayer Journal. I share one of the prayers with you with the prayer for you that it may
help you on your life’s pilgrimage.

God of the guiding star, the bush that blazes
Show me your WAY.
God of the stormy seas, the bread that nourishes
Teach me your TRUTH.
God of the still, small voice, the wind that blows where it chooses
Fill me with LIFE.
God of the elements, of our inward and outward journeys
Set my feet on your road today.
May God bless me with a safe journey,
May the angels and saints travel with me
May I live this day in justice and joy.

With every blessing

The full newsletter can be viewed here.