Cardinal John’s Newsletter 5 April 2018

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Dear Friends,

Easter blessings to you all.

In my last newsletter, I wrote about the words of St Paul “The mystery is Christ among you, your hope of glory.” (Col 1: 27) I also went on to talk about how, as the years go by, and we celebrate another Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday we simply delve deeper and deeper into its richness and meaning. In delving deeper and deeper into the mystery we grow in love, understanding and appreciation of the mystery of God in our own lives.

I have heard over the last few days many wonderful comments about beautiful liturgies celebrated around the parishes over Easter. Thank you to all who prepared those liturgies and worked hard to make them a prayerful and reflective experience for all. These days have certainly provided the opportunity to experience the mystery of Christ among us.

It is my hope and prayer that each of you has been graced in some special way this Easter, graced and loved by the actions and love of Christ himself. I can only hope that Easter has touched me in such a way that I want to respond in a more generous and gracious way to the events of daily life, the routine and mundane situations where God is also present. Because this is about God’s goodness I don’t just want this for myself, I want it for everyone in this Church of Wellington to which we all belong.

Easter, is not just the few days of ceremonies and then we go about our daily lives again. As we delve deeper into these mysteries we come to understand that we too die to the things we want and are attracted to, and in letting them go we find a new life. We find life gifted, graced with Jesus who still stands among us and says “Peace be with you.”
May His Peace and abundant blessings be your this Easter.

With every blessing

+ John

The full newsletter can be viewed here.