The Cathedral Connection 4 March 2018

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Last Sunday we said goodbye to Fiona Rammell, our Lay Pastoral Leader over the past year. Fortunately, all is not lost. The parish is blessed to gain a replacement LPL, Debbie Matheson, who formally began her service last Thursday, 1 March. She will be commissioned by Cardinal John at the 5.30pm Vigil Mass on Saturday 7 April.

Letting Fiona go was not easy for me, or for the many people she had served during her time with us. Her pastoral skills are very rich and reflect her commitment through several years of study and formation. Others will surely benefit from her ministry as new opportunities arise for her. So, we bid Fiona farewell, with grateful hearts.

Our gratitude must also extend to the Archdiocese and the vision of Cardinal Tom Williams who, following our 1998 Synod, devised the “Launch Out” programme to bring lay people into pastoral leadership positions.

The Lay Pastoral Leader is qualified to lead a parish in the absence of a priest, and to work alongside a priest as an equal in pastoral responsibilities. Debbie will assume that role as I prepare to step aside as parish priest.  From now to July, she will “discover” the Cathedral Parish, get alongside the various committees and become familiar with the school programme. Families preparing for the sacraments will also be her territory and we will work together as the parish seeks to help implement the decisions of last year’s Archdiocesan Synod.

Lay Pastoral Leaders are integral to the life of our Archdiocese. While currently serving in only a few parishes, their ministry is encouraging parishioners generally to take more responsibility for parish growth. This is Stewardship in action. The more you accept a stake in your parish, the sense of ownership will expand and God will be able to do marvellous things through us.

Fr James

The full newsletter can be viewed here.