The Cathedral Connection 4 February 2018

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Dear Parishioners

The sadness and disappointment many of you expressed at the news that our Lay Pastoral Leader, Fiona Rammell, was leaving us next month, match my own reaction. Although she has been with us less than a year, without the opportunity to cover every parish situation, she has had a most positive influence and our partnership in ministry showed great promise. Fiona will continue to assist until mid-February when the Parish will bid her farewell.

We are fortunate, however, that Cardinal John is providing us with another Lay Pastoral Leader. Debbie Matheson will join us in March. Most recently she has been Consultant in the Parish Leadership Ministries for the Archdiocese and comes from Plimmerton Parish. Some will already know Debbie through contact with the Catholic Centre and in Stewardship workshops. She will be a welcome addition to our pastoral team and, like Fiona, will bring her love of people and commitment to the Gospel to her service among us. Cardinal John will Commission Debbie at the 5.30pm Vigil Mass on Saturday 7 April.

We must not underestimate the privilege that is ours to have this assistance. Lay Pastoral Leaders have received spiritual and academic formation over several years to equip them for leadership roles in parishes. They are commissioned to administer a parish in the absence of a priest, and to serve as partners with priests in every aspect of pastoral care. Every parish contributes to their financial support, even though they serve in only a few parishes.

As I have some health issues to deal with this year and am approaching the retirement phase of my priesthood, Debbie’s appointment is a wonderful blessing. I know you will welcome her as you did Fiona, and as I certainly do.

Fr James

The full newsletter can be viewed here.