The Cathedral Connection 11 February 2018

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Dear Parishioners

Change. Letting go. These are the words flying around in my head as I draw to the end of my time with you. We tend to resist change or letting go, even though nature shows us every day how necessary and inevitable it is for life to flourish. We just need to look at the life of Jesus to see how change and letting go was such a part of his ministry. In fact, our faith believes in the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus. If that isn’t a lot of change in just a few days then what is!

Yet, despite all this knowledge, we still fret when change happens.  We are fearful of the new. We hear ourselves say “back in my day” recounting tales of when we believed things were great and if only they could be like that now. If only things could stay the same.

Sometimes change happens to us and sometimes we effect the change.  As we see the leper in today’s Gospel was changed by the healing hands of Jesus.

In my short time here with you I have felt your healing hands as you have welcomed me and helped shape and mould me into the person I am today. As I leave my ministry among you, which has been an honour and a wonderful experience, I ask for your prayers as I move into a new way of being God’s hands and heart to those I will go on to serve.

Yes, letting go is difficult, change is inevitable, but the memories I have of walking amongst you will remain with me. For this I am most grateful.

Love and blessings


The full newsletter can be viewed here.