Wellington Central Pastoral Area Newsletter 26 November 2017

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Today is the feast of Christ the King. This is not about honouring a King as someone in power ruling over us, as the words Christ the King may first suggest, but about honouring Christ present in every part of the universe. The full name of this feast is aptly called: “Christ the King of the Universe.”

The Gospel reminds us of what is most essential: being there for each other, walking alongside, feeding, welcoming, clothing and visiting those in need.  In doing so we will find ourselves in the company of Jesus who identifies himself with those who find life difficult.

Coming hot off the heels of the first World Day of the Poor, today’s theme sharpens the focus.  If we do not understand this feast day in the right way, then we run the risk of being like the apostles and expecting an all-powerful leader that can make things right. Pope Benedict said the Eucharist is “intrinsically fragmented” if it does not lead to concrete, practical actions of caring.

What actions can you take this week?  Where might you be led to minister to God’s “little ones”? There is no doubt that the responsibility to care falls on each one of us.  It is not something we can leave for someone else.  In the words of Jesus: “Whatever you did for one of the least of these, you did for me.” This is where the real power lies: in breaking open the words into actions that will make a difference.

Today in our parishes we welcome the young children who will be receiving Communion for the first time. This is their formal encounter with Christ the King of the Universe.  With us and through us they are to be nurtured and loved into the reign of God marked by justice, love and peace.

The three parishes in our Pastoral Area can take great pride in these “little ones” and in the families that have prepared them for this day.  Today as they join us at the Table of the Eucharist for the first time they are our guides on our way to meet Christ the King of the Universe.  Thank you and congratulations.  Thank you also to those who have coordinated and encouraged the preparation programme.  Your loving care has made this day possible.



Fiona Rammell
Lay Pastoral Leader

The full newsletter can be viewed here.