Wellington Central Pastoral Area Newsletter 29 October 2017

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I remember a computer course I did in my University days.  Before we could get the computer to do what we wanted it to do we had to write the code so it could perform the operation.  Windows interface had not yet been invented and when it was introduced what a difference that made to what we could do. Upgrading the operating system allowed us to do so much more.

Earlier in the year I was reflecting on how often Jesus took Himself off to a quiet place to just be. Was the practice His way of upgrading His operating system? What if this is what He meant by prayer – an opportunity to see things in a different light.  It’s not a matter of thinking nicer thoughts but enabling us to reach a different way of seeing things. So many of Jesus’ parables took this approach. He was asked a question and before he replied he took time to draw in the sand, or thought of an explanation that took the enquirer out of the mind and into the heart. It is prayer that gives us this third way of seeing. The transformational power that is inherent in prayer is rarely actioned. Just like the computer, an upgrade in our operating system is essential.

This weekend we have been asked to give ourselves time to ponder one Gospel passage. To let the word of God wash over and within us upgrades our thinking patterns by letting our heart (emotions) encounter our faith.

When we do this we allow God’s word to penetrate our inner being so that the transformative power of the word shines through us. Such a process takes time, dedication and a genuine desire. Let’s hope that by experiencing this way of praying in today’s Mass we may use it as a launch pad into making it a regular occurrence. Then we will find, as in today’s Gospel, that loving the Lord our God with all our heart, mind and soul and loving our neighbour as ourselves will become the norm and not the exception.


Fiona Rammell
Lay Pastoral Leader
Sacred Heart Cathedral

The full newsletter can be viewed here.