The Cathedral Connection 8 October 2017

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Isn’t life frustrating? You can do everything right, ensure everything is prepared, feel like you’ve dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s and then things don’t quite work out the way you thought they would.

We see this in the first reading today where the vineyard owner does everything “right” and yet the crop is nowhere near what he expected.

In the Gospel the vineyard owner also expects that by sending his son, the tenants will pay up, but once again his expectations are dashed.

I read recently that an expectation is a disappointment waiting to happen. When we live life expecting certain behaviour from others, we live in constant flux.

The Gospel confirms for us that yes we will be treated badly in this life, yes things don’t always go the way we want them to, yes our expectations are often dashed and yes there are people that will want control no matter the price.

Paul shows us in the second reading that we can be at peace despite our circumstances. Here he is, in prison yet fully at peace with his situation.

Often we are the architects of our own lack of peace. When all hell is breaking lose around us it is much easier to walk in that spirit than it is to be counter intuitive and walk in a spirit of peace and love. Think of any hero or great person and what set them apart almost always was their working in a spirit opposite to that which was happening all around them.

Take Jesus for example. He never let his circumstances become the excuse to give up hope. In today’s readings he once again makes this point. Even though at times it is so hard to remain peaceful and gracious when every hair on our body is aching to scream out at the injustices we see happening all around us, we are called to be people of justice, people of love, people of forgiveness, people of honour. This does not mean that we do nothing but that whatever we do is done from a peaceful centre. Then it won’t be our circumstances dictating our behaviour but our behaviour being led by a spirit of peace.

Fiona Rammell
Lay Pastoral Leader

The full newsletter can be viewed here.