The Cathedral Connection – 23 July 2017

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Weeds and Wheat Together

During the week I found myself over reacting to something one of my children had failed to do. His brother said to me, “Mum it wasn’t just what he did that upset you. There’s more to this than what he did.” Instead of going into denial mode and telling my son how wrong he was, I took some time to reflect on the situation. It didn’t take too long before I knew what he said had a lot of truth in it. I had been struggling with how I felt about myself and I saw my son’s failure to help me as confirmation of those feelings.

Most of my life I have always strived for perfection. In today’s Gospel Jesus is telling us that our only true perfection is our honest acceptance of our imperfections. We are all a mixture of weeds and wheat and we always will be. It’s in the messiness of everyday life that we come face to face with both the good and the bad in ourselves and others. As Martin Luther says, we are “simul justus et peccator“. We are simultaneously saint and sinner. We are weeds and wheat together. Understanding this helps us to neither think too highly of ourselves nor dismiss ourselves as terrible.

The learning for us is in accepting our own weeds, rather than getting entangled with the weeds of others. Then we are in a good place to love ourselves and others despite our faults or theirs.

With every blessing

Fiona Rammell
Lay Pastoral Leader

The full newsletter can be viewed here.