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Holy Week & Easter Timetable 2017

Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish
Hill Street, Thorndon, Wellington
Holy Week & Easter Timetable 2017

(Printable version available here)

Sunday 9th April      Palm Sunday
5:30pm Saturday Vigil
10:00am Sunday – Combined Sacred Heart & St Mary of the Angels
(One Morning Mass Only)
7:00pm Sunday

Monday 10th April   Holy Week
8:00am & 12:10pm
Reconciliation: 11:45am – 12:05pm

Tuesday 11th April
7:30pm CHRISM MASS (No 12:10pm Mass)

Wednesday 12th April
Mass:      8:00am & 12:10pm
Reconciliation: 11:45am – 12.05pm & 7:00pm – 8:00pm

Thursday 13th April
Mass of the Lord’s Supper: 7:30pm – Combined Sacred Heart & St Mary of the Angels
At: St Mary of the Angels Church, Boulcott Street.
(No Masses in the Cathedral on this day)

Friday 14th April      Good Friday
Stations of the Cross: 10:00am
Reconciliation: 10:45am – 12noon
Commemoration of the Lord’s Passion: 3:00pm

Saturday 15th April
Reconciliation: 11am – 12noon
Easter Vigil & Mass of the Resurrection: 7:30pm
(No 8.30am Mass)

Sunday 16th April    Easter Sunday
Mass of the Resurrection 8:00am & 10:30am
(No 7.00pm Mass)

Monday 17th & Tuesday 18th April
Mass:      8:30am (No 12:10pm Mass)

Wellington Central Pastoral Area Newsletter

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Advent – a Time of Waiting

To me, Advent is one of the most beautiful times of the year.   It is time of waiting.
We wait with the People of Old Testament or Hebrew Scriptures – with Abraham, Moses, David, Sarah, Rebecca, and thousands of others as they waited, yearned, wondered, prayed for the coming of the Messiah.  ‘Will he come in my time’ they asked.

We wait with John the Baptist, as he is called to ‘Prepare a way for the Lord.’

We wait with Mary, as she asks herself, ‘What will this child in my womb become?’

We relate to all these waiting people, as we also set aside this time, quietly, prayerfully, asking ourselves, what does it mean that Christ has come into the world, my world.

We need to be counter-cultural.  With so much ‘going-on’ it is important to step back, and reflected on the real meaning of Christmas.  Advent enables us to do that.

There are many ways of doing this. Here a just a few. Daily Mass is a great way, especially if we prepare the scriptures beforehand.  If we cannot get to Mass, to reflect on and pray the scriptures for each day. They are wonderful resources. For families especially, there are many resources, such as the Jesse Tree or Advent Wreath.  The Internet has some great resources. Advent also has many opportunities to help others, e.g. the Catholic Social Services ‘Giving Tree’ Appeal.

Back in 1968, James K Baxter wrote a poem, ‘The Infant of Biafra.’  It is about giving and not giving, being selfless or selfish.

The final 2 lines seem appropriate for Christmas:let-every-heart-prepare

The dead child of Biafra
Will lie on Christmas Day
In the cribs of all the churches
Upon the rotting hay
For those who did not feed Him
But threw His Life away.

But those who showed Him mercy
Will find a Live Child there
To smile at them and give them grace
And hope beyond despair
And sins as old as mountains
Will melt into the air.

May we recognise anew this Christmas Day, God’s Christmas gift to you and me – His only Son, Jesus Christ.

Fr Ron

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Our Advent, Christmas & New Year Pastoral Area Mass Calendar can be viewed here.

The Cathedral Connection 24 July 2016

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On Sunday 13 March the 10.30am Parish Mass included a requiem liturgy for a James Grant who had died in a nearby apartment alone and unknown. As one of the “Works of Mercy” it seemed appropriate for us to provide for his burial. Resulting publicity revealed he was Catholic and had family members. A letter received last Monday indicates the far-reaching effects of our parish’s concern and practical assistance.   Fr James

Gareth Carlin Letter

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