Welcoming Strangers in a World of Global Migration @ Sacred Heart Cathedral
Jul 27 @ 6:30 pm

We live in the age of Brexit and the time of Trump. Around the globe, electoral politics are driven by rising tides of nationalism and isolationism. International relations are riven by border walls and travel bans. Yet, at the same time, tens of millions of people are moving across borders and migrating around the world. Some simply seek a better livelihood. Others desperately flee threats to their very lives. New Zealand itself is a migrant nation. From the earliest Māori voyagers to later Pākehā colonisers and beyond, Aotearoa is populated by settlers. Spend an hour with Julianne Hickey (Director of Caritas Aoteara New Zealand) as she reflects on global migration, Kiwi immigration policies, as well as the biblical obligation to welcome the stranger.

photo of Juls HickeyJulianne Hickey is Director of the Catholic social justice agency Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand. With degrees in economics and organisational psychology, she has a background in organisational and business management that includes government policy advice. Before joining Caritas, Julianne was an active volunteer for CAFOD—a Caritas organisation for England and Wales. She led the monitoring of the Zimbabwean Presidential elections for the Movement for Democratic Change. And she helped organise an inter-racial Catholic student organisation for South Africa.

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