The Cathedral Connection – 11 June 2017

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All life is relational. Nothing and no one stays alive long without the means to live – whether that’s air to breathe or sun to warm or rain for growing or people to learn from or friends to hold. Relationships are the building blocks of every life form. This is especially so for human life in which love is crucial. Made in the image of God, each of us is a walking, jumping, thinking and talking expression of the Trinity. Drawn into relationship with one another, we can witness God’s presence simply by being true to ourselves and our nature.

God as Parent is creative, bringing into being and sustaining life. God as Son is the healer and reconciler, mending the brokenness in creation caused by the misuse of the gift of freedom. God as Holy Spirit is the encourager, the enabler, the one who breathes wisdom and joy into our efforts, unites and harmonises the variety of gifts, these aspects of our one God are highlighted in today’s readings: the Book of Exodus announcing the special relationship between God and humanity as the God of tenderness and compassion; the beautiful passage from 1 Corinthians, urging our faithfulness to this relation-ship by growing in unity and peace; and the Gospel, proclaiming God’s love for the world – so great that this God chose to experience life as a human person!

Those who attended the Lutheran/Roman Catholic service in our cathedral last Sunday, were moved by the sheer emotion of coming together after 500 years of separateness. Honesty and humility stood out starkly as Bishop Mark and Cardinal John led the nearly full cathedral in prayers of confession, hope and thanksgiving. A new relationship has been formed and the path to unity has become much clearer. Our Triune God, the model of unity, is worshipped and honoured in this open commitment to healing and renewal.

Fr James

The full newsletter can be viewed here.