The Cathedral Connection 9 April 2017

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From Palm Sunday to Easter Day the Church travels from Hosanna! to Alleluia! – from adulation to hatred, from acclaim to denial, as death shows its true colours, and then to awe and wonder as life proves victorious.  Hope shines through the darkest of nights.

This week is named “Holy Week” as it holds the kernel of our faith – the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  It is less a time of celebration than of commemoration, a time to remember and reflect on the wonderful things God has done for us, most notably in and through the gift of Jesus.

The highlights of Holy Week include the Chrism Mass (Tuesday evening) when the Oils used for the Sacraments are consecrated by Cardinal John and entrusted to representatives from each parish; the Mass of the Lord’s Supper (Thursday) when Jesus enables the continuation of his presence through the Eucharist; Good Friday, when we commemorate his death, and the Easter Vigil, with the welcome of new Catholics and the Mass of Resurrection.

This year, the ceremony of Holy Thursday will combine the Cathedral and St Mary of the Angels parishes, marking the reopening of St Mary’s following a four-year closure for earthquake strengthening.

Try to be part of this Holy Week.  Use these holy days to thank God for the gift of faith and for the blessings in your life which faith makes visible.  Be thankful, too, for the goodness that surrounds you in people and in creation.  Let the power of this Week permeate your spirit, strengthening you as a bearer of mercy, peace and forgiveness.  There is no better way to celebrate Easter.

Fr James

The full newsletter can be viewed here.