The Cathedral Connection 5 March 2017

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The 40 days of Lent are 40 single, separate days, not a hard, solid block impossible to manage. Taking Lent one day at a time is the best and most productive way of using this gifted time to check over my personal relationship with God, with the people in my life and with the world in which I live. These relationships are keys to my happiness, and Lent is the best time of the year to realise their value.

The Catholic agency for justice, peace and development, Caritas, provides resources to assist both personal and community reflection during this season.  Whether or not you are participating in a Lenten discussion group, the prayers and information in the reflection booklet are excellent material for private use. [Copies on sale in Foyer]

Your face, O Lord, do I seek, is the overall theme of the Caritas programme. Taken from Psalm 27, it voices the urgency with which someone, who realises the sterility of their inward looking existence, now wants to be rescued. God does not hide from us but is in clear view, in every person and in all of creation. It is putting yourself first, being concerned only with what affects you, that ultimately blinds you from God’s presence.

By taking Lent one day at a time, you can pace yourself more positively on the road along which the face of God comes to meet you. A more deliberate approach gives time to look in different places, to consider more possibilities. The face of God is everywhere and, just as every day is different, the variety of people, situations and experiences encountered each day with faith, will renew all your relationships and God will be “all in all”.

Have a great Lent!

Fr James

The full newsletter can be downloaded here.