The Cathedral Connection 2 April 2017

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At the 10.30 Mass today our Catechumens will be presented with The Lord’s Prayer as they near the end of their journey to full initiation in the Catholic Church.  Their growing commitment is a cause for us “seasoned” Catholics to consider our own situation and how much we might take the gift of faith for granted.

The Lord’s Prayer is a reminder that it belongs to all who follow the way of Jesus, uniting Christians even where our traditions and dogmas keep us apart.  It is a humbling prayer, acknowledging our need of God as children need a loving, understanding parent; it is a prayer that challenges our pride and the difficulties we have forgiving hurts and insults; it is a prayer that exposes our fear of the unknown and our hope that we will be protected from evil.

Such a prayer should never be prayed without thought, even while it should be prayed often.  Like the faith we live by, The Lord’s Prayer is a sacred trust, given by Jesus as he revealed the closeness of God to each and every person.  Pray “Our Father…” this week for our Catechumens, for Christian unity, and for each other, that we might be ever thankful for the gift of Jesus and uphold the dignity of one another in word and action.

The raising of Lazarus climaxes the Lenten emphasis on the life-giving power of Jesus, and prepares us for the week we call Holy Week when death, seeking to dominate, is defeated forever.  May we joyfully accompany those who will join us in the Easter waters of new life.

Fr James

The full newsletter can be viewed here.